100 years of paper bags and flexible packaging


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Interview with Josep Alguero, CEO of Industrial Bolsera.


Last March, in its installations in Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda, Barcelona, Industrial Bolsera organized an event to commemorate the magical figure of 100 years of existence, an event that allowed them to rend homage to all of the persons who, during these hundred years, with their efforts, passion and dedication, have made the company a leader in the sector of bags and flexible packaging. We spoke of this with Josep Alguero, CEO of this centenarian family business.


Javier Romero


As we arrived for our interview with Josep Alguero, we were mindful that four generations have now been handing on the responsibility for one of the most important businesses on the Spanish scene in the production of paper bags and flexible packaging. As though this were not enough, they possess an illustrious surname that has given its name to the Antoni Alguero graphics arts training school, of indisputable fame and a breeding ground for future professionals in this sector.



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