30% more productivity and fewer failures with robot-assisted packaging


CATEGORY: Machinery and applications BRAND: Omron Corporation

Delta Robots and Vision System for Smart Bell Pepper Packaging.

Combilo, a leading fruit and vegetables wholesaler in the Netherlands, recently installed a new robot-assisted packaging line and, overnight, increased productivity by 30%. The new packaging line includes delta robots and vision system from Omron and was built by the systems integrator EasyPack Technologies.


Combilo specializes in the import, export, packing, storage, shipment, and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables to retailers. One of the products it packages is the bell pepper “traffic light“, this is a packet containing one red, one yellow and one green bell pepper. Not surprisingly, this used to be slow and labour-intensive, but with the new robot-assisted packaging line Combilo can perform the traffic light packaging much more efficiently and with significantly fewer failures.

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