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If there is one emblematic drink in the Spanish liqueur market, standing out for its history and trajectory, but above all for its distinguishable, instantly-recognisable, original bottle, it is Anis del Mono. Without its packaging, Anis del Mono would not be what it is. We discussed this with Rocio Ramirez, the Brand Manager for Osborne’s Drinks Unit.

Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: The Anis del Mono brand was founded in Badalona (Barcelona) in 1870 by Vicente Bosch, a businessman who traded in products from around the world. Where did the name Anis del Mono come from?


ROCIO RAMIREZ: The name comes from a little monkey (monkey is “mono” in Spanish) that Vicente Bosch brought back from South America. Bosch was a man with vision who, apart from the importance that he gave to the quality of a product, took care from the start to give it impact; he organised the first poster competition in Spain - in which Ramon Casas triumphed with his famous “Manolas”- and he installed the first luminous Anis del Mono signs in Madrid’s centric “Puerta del Sol” and in Barcelona’s “Plaza de Catalonia” square.


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