A candid “Prodigy”


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: BFP Brands For Planet

Last July saw the market launch of Prodigy (“Prodigio”, in Spanish), a Premium AOVE (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). The strategy, the naming, the designs of the brand and the packaging and the website development were entrusted to the agency BFP, Brands For Planet.

Fabricio Mancebo


To talk about this new BFP project, we have to explain the origin of the Capitan family. Back in 1938, Antonio Hidalgo Jimenez received 3.5 hectares of olive groves as a present from his parents. With effort and great dedication, the family managed to buy another three properties, 60% of which was olive groves. Today, after more than 60 years dedicated to olive growing, the Capitan family decided to set about creating their own variety of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


The challenge was to develop a project in which the name, the design, the way of talking, its entire essence, transmitted this very special case, with its virtues and its distinct, innovative personality, without losing their roots in the land and family, which have instilled the excellence of their ways of thinking and doing. We visited their olive groves in Ecija (Sevilla), absorbed their way of doing things and observed the quality of their product.

After several month’s work, we launched...READING MORE IN



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