A cute cosmetics jar for free-spirited people


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Quadpack group

The Turia Jar is the latest member of the Q-Line family by international beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack Industries. This compact 10ml jar is a ready-made solution for lip balms, solid fragrances and travel formats. Versatile, easily decorated and cute as a button, Turia is ready to go with just about anything.


Quadpack is presenting Turia alongside its Oracle theme, part of its design roadmap for 2022, which helps define future trends. Oracle addresses the desire for sensorial experiences. Packaging that is tactile and scented, and has a deeper meaning. Oracle carries a touch of new-age mystique and takes inspiration from wellness and traditional cures.

To help position the product, Quadpack describes an ideal target audience for Turia, through one of eight virtual personalities developed by the Design & Advanced Technologies team: Georgina.


So, who is Georgina? In her ‘own’ words: “I love fashion, and dress to express my moods and feelings. I am very free-spirited; so, don’t try to dictate to me! Searching for a deeper meaning is second nature, and I like my make-up and skin products to ‘speak’ to me in unexpected ways with a fun gesture or fragrance. I get a real kick out of products that are as spontaneous as I am, but I also appreciate things that are simple and unpretentious. My friends and I are always talking about great things we find on social media, especially Instagram. Anything that expresses the way I feel I share with them. They are my tribe.



The Turia Jar speaks to people like Georgina, addressing the needs and desires of this sociable, outgoing personality. It ties in perfectly with the multi-masking trend for lips and could form part of a set for different needs during the day, such as hydration, scrub, colour, etc. Made of SAN at the Quadpack Plastics injection-moulding plant in Spain, Turia is designed for alcohol-free formulas.

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