“A premium brand needs premium packaging”


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Interview with Sonia Mallen, Head of Packaging and Quality for SanLucar Fruit

We believe that the fruit and vegetable market has a promising future, especially for a brand like ours, given the increasing importance that consumers concede to fresh produce. We are used to seeing and recognising brands in other categories such as meat or dairy products, and now it is the turn of fruits and vegetables”. An authentic declaration of intent that will serve us as an introduction to SanLucar Fruit (Puzol, Valencia), a company firmly committed to taking the Valencia´s sunshine, in the form of fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, to consumers world-wide.


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: As an introduction for our readers, could you give us a brief idea of SanLucar’s product line and its position in the market?

SONIA MALLÉN: SanLucar’s offer includes nearly 90 products, between fruit and vegetables, which makes us the premium brand on the market with the widest range of products. We are the main European supplier of fruit and vegetables, with Germany and Austria as our main markets, and we supply other destinations as... MORE IN

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