A premium olive oil surges from the power of the four elements


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Al Margen Comunicación

The creative concept behind the “4E” Premium olive oil packaging design developed by the Al Margen Branding & Packaging studio is based on associating the four extra-gourmet virgin olive oils from the Oleum Hispania brand (Molino Virgen de Fatima) with the four classic elements of nature: water, earth, fire and air.

Each bottle contains an extra-premium virgin olive oil selected from a different variety that has been recognized internationally for its quality. Three varieties are produced using conventional methods, while the third is cultivated using organic methods.


To accomplish this, Al Margen created and designed an exclusive bottle for its client. This iconic white glass bottle design, reminiscent of the olive leaf, differentiates this oil from others and creates a memorable association with the brand. The contours of its unique shape are designed for easy handling and for the oil to pour perfectly without dripping down the bottle.


Once bottles are produced, each one of the product lines is painted with a unique color, creating a canvas on the glass that differentiates it to the naked eye and relates it to its natural element.


The graphic design used in the decoration of the oil bottle is based on...READING MORE

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