A subtle and elegant design for an outstanding wine


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Tea for two

The Madrid design studio Tea for Two designs the labels for El Oasis Behind this suggestive name there is a complex, elegant Albariño wine aimed almost exclusively at Anglo-Saxon markets.

Paloma Losada and Jorge Palomar


Following two successful projects for Maior de Mendoza -the remarkable labels for Argos and Sex-Appeal- the modus operandi between the Galician wine factory and the design studio was already working well. The briefing offered by the client set some clear objectives: in Tea for Two, we would have to work within a framework marked by elegance, without an excessive coldness that, without forgetting that this is an exceptional wine, avoided looking down on clients.



The design process for their three varieties -Traditional, Sobre Lias and a third, fresher variety- was based on the search for a powerful icon that could resume the brand in a simple manner. A palm tree printed in gold inside an “O” became the focal point that would attract the attention of possible purchasers. On a second level of communication, we placed a subtle embossing that, in relief, adds several elements that constitute our oasis: birds, the moon, and more palm trees. In order to make this embossed image more visible, we arranged with the print-shop to use a notably-heavy paper and we chose a special machined printing plate made of brass. The paper also had to add to the elegant, clean lines demanded during the briefing, so we chose Polar White, a luminous white material produced by Manter.


The typeface selected was an elegant serif type that was not excessively pompous. The selection of Mrs. Eaves, created by Zuzana Licko for Emigre, was easy, being just one more element pointing in the direction indicated in the briefing


Subtlety to seduce purchasers.

The bodega insisted in the necessity of maintaining an austere chromatic line for the “Sobre Lias” and “Traditional” lines, but they insisted that we look for a less conventional solution for the third option that they wanted to produce. So for these first two options, the black-white-gold combination was maintained, but in order to allow labelling for a less-classic public, we decided to use a light-blue design that did not reduce the quality of the product but achieved a much more attractive result. 



We are aware that the impact of a bottle in a shop is clearly superior to the impact of a product in a sales line in a supermarket. It is clear that this is due to the fact that the purchase of a bottle is normally a considered decision, and the time available to suggest a decision to a customer is greater, compared to more impulsive purchasing decisions. These extra seconds allow us to use more subtlety when it comes to seducing the customer. But despite these extra seconds, the competition is still enormous. Some time ago, when the wine world was less dynamic, there was a notable similarity between labels. Few bodegas chose to differentiate their products graphically. Now, the tendencies in the label design world have become greatly diversified. The use of photographs, and typefaces that seek a more modern visual communication in order to attract younger consumers, coincides with the incorporation of younger owners and oenologists who free the sector from the straight-jackets of an earlier epoch.


Taking this “new” panorama as an ally, the selection of a colour that initially is as distant from the typical chromatic range of the world of wines as is blue achieves an immediate impact in the sales aisles of a shop, since there are few competing bottles in the same range with a similar appearance.



Tea for Two comunicación gráfica (Madrid) is a graphic design studio created by Paloma Losada and Jorge Palomar in 2003. Their work consists of understanding the needs of their customers and pro-actively transforming them into a graphic format. Thanks to this concept, their clients include the La Tagliatella restaurant chain, KFC, the Benacassim International Festival and the Zarzuela Theatre.


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