Amazon´s influence on the e-commerce market



Today, Internet shopping is growing year by year. This is hardly new to anyone. But, according to eMarketer, in February 2018, not only is the percentage of sales through the e-commerce channel higher than the total global trade each year (about 10.2% of the total in 2017), but in the coming years the rate of growth in this channel will increase at a faster rate than the usual physical trade.

Ariana Gómez - ITENE


In the distribution of this great cake, Amazon, through its platform, sells about two hundred million items a year. It is clear that, due to the size of this e-commerce giant, its influence or support for certain trends produces important changes upstream and downstream of this increasingly used supply chain, both by end consumers and by product manufacturers. But what is not entirely evident in Amazon's influence on certain trends is the process, the consequences and who should accompany those processes.


Ten years ago, Amazon generated the so-called Frustration Free Packaging Program (FFP Program). This name comes from...READING MORE


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