Are we going to leave our customers without their teddy bear?


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Monday morning, at any company in our country. The marketing department meets and someone says: "What can we do to make the client feel more attracted to our product? Haven't we already done that? Didn't we go over this last week?..."

Ivo Güell


Before throwing up any hands, let me tell you that this is the day-to-day reality at many companies, maybe all, at least those that want to be on fire today, but who know that this isn't enough, that we need to continue making an impact every day, day after day ... And in times of VUCA, characterized by high Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, this has to be done by lasering in and focusing on customers; we have to create a real shopping experience for customers that genuinely turns out successfully, without ups and downs, with such precision that we get them to remember us so positively that they become our number one fans ...


If we do not make a deep and ongoing impact, their brand loyalty will have an expiration date and it is right now: they will go with another product.


Naturally, today...READING MORE



Ivo Güell Torné is a director of Idei Consultores and a "mental defibrillator", as he defines himself. He is dedicated to training, consulting and lecturing on topics ranging from Employee Experience to Customer Experience, as well as motivational speaking and disruptive innovation. He assists companies to confront their "no-can-do's" and turn them into "you-bet-we-can".

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