Bacigalupe installs a new Codimag press from the Impryma Group


CATEGORY: Machinery and applications BRAND: Grupo Impryma

Bacigalupe Hermanos (Pradoluengo, Burgos), a company in the Printeos Group, has increased its production capacity for self-adhesive labels by acquiring a new Codimag VIVA 340 ANIFLO machine, an exclusive innovation in waterless anilox offset.

This is the second Codimag machine installed by this label manufacturer, since they already have a conventional VIVA waterless offset printer.

Given the complexity of the labels manufactured by Bacigalupe, this machine is also equipped with ANIFLO inking units, as well as other printing and finishing systems, that allow their complex designs to be printed in a single pass through the machine. In fact, this is the most completely-equipped machine that Codimag has installed in Spain.


Codimag’s ANIFLO technology consists of 4 rollers with the same diameter: anilox roller, form roller, plate cylinder and blanket cylinder. Inking in the ANIFLO system is carried out by a temperature-regulated anilox roller, in order to regulate the quantity of ink deposited on the plate. In other words, ANIFLO technology combines the ease of use of flexography with the printing quality of offset (printing on a wide variety of materials, minimum dot gain and 200 lpi as standard).

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