Barcelona hosts Pick&Pack, the signature innovation event for packaging and intralogistics professionals


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The event will be held on February 12, 13 and 14, 2020 at the CCIB in Barcelona, where over 200 companies will present their latest developments in process solutions, manufacturing, printing and for the entire supply chain. The simultaneous celebration of the 2020 European Intralogistics Summit 2020 and the National Congress of Packaging 4.0 make this the signature event in the field.

Pick&Pack is the new "boutique event" for innovation and transformation within the packaging and intralogistics industries, choosing Barcelona for holding its upcoming editions.


The speed of change in these two industries – with the emergence of digitization, the need for sustainability of new materials, digital and 3D printing, the impact of immediacy with the advent of ecommerce, active or smart packaging, collaborative robotics, automation, ecodesign, hyper-customization, new warehousing systems and AGVs, as well as new business models – has presented both industries with new challenges they must face for years to come.


As a response to this scenario, Pick&Pack advocates embracing artificial intelligence, robotics, new processing and printing systems and Industry 4.0 as vehicles for transforming traditional businesses into highly efficient, intelligent and productive factories of the future.

Pick&Pack brings together under a single umbrella the 2020 European Intralogistics Summit and the National Packaging Congress 4.0, held simultaneously throughout the three days, together with an exhibition area spanning over 12,000 m2, where leading innovators will be featured along with over 180 international experts.



The addition to many other events, such as the Leadership Summit, the 2020 Pick&Pack Awards, the Brokerage or the Welcome Party, among others, this year’s edition provides participating companies with unique networking and lead-generation opportunities.

The National Packaging Congress 4.0 will present a new vision for the packaging industry, covering trends in emotional and functional packaging, practical experiences and customization efforts, along with solutions in sustainability and intelligent packaging, among other topics. Moreover, the 2020 European Intralogistics Summit will feature logistics digitization, robotics, automation and intelligent storage systems. Each will involve a tailored agenda for each professional profile through nine special interest forums dedicated to each industry (food and beverage, cosmetics and beauty, retail/non-food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, automotive and electronics).

Pick&Pack's mission is to contribute to the growth of the packaging and intralogistics industries and is primed to become the signature professional event for business generation and technology transfer for all professionals seeking the latest solutions in packaging, new materials, automation or intralogistic processes to improve management.


National Packaging Congress 4.0

Pick & Pack will analyze the role of packaging as marketing elements, as well as the use of technologies such as nanotechnology, blockchain or 3D Printing in the packaging sector

Several studies show how over 60% of consumers choose a product based on its packaging, while 41% repeat in response to their first interaction with the packaging. In the words of Marina Uceda, director of Pick & Pack, "In making their decision, consumers value ease of use, the information provided or the use of intelligent and interactive systems. Thus, Smart packaging has become an increasingly important trend in the field, contributing to customer loyalty. Therefore, Pick & Pack has set out to analyze the role of design packaging as a component of messaging and explore the various applications of neuromarketing."



"The packaging of the future will be dominated by containers which, in addition to preserving the product, possess the abilities to seduce the customer through customization and to awaken emotions. Always without forgetting the commitment to sustainability," stresses Alex Brossa, Cluster Manager of the Packaging Cluster, co-organizers of the National Packaging Congress 4.0.

Industry 4.0 signals the advent of novel forms of intelligence, knowledge and management skills that have already become a reality in many fields, such as packaging. Thus, experts will highlight those technologies which will help the industry move towards greater competitiveness and sustainability. Nanotechnology, biotechnology, photonics, 3D Printing and blockchain will be some of the solutions applied to the packaging industry that will be presented at the Congress.

The conference will present a new vision for the packaging industry, one that will respond to the needs of each segment, hosting various special interest forums dedicated to food and beverage, retail, cosmetics and beauty, pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics and industrial goods.


Pick & Pack is a boutique innovation event for industry leaders and SMEs seeking leading-edge solutions in packaging and intralogistics held annually in Barcelona, and whose upcoming edition will be held from February 12-14, 2020 at the CCIB. Together with the National Packaging Congress 4.0 and the 2020 European Intralogistics Summit 2020, it constitutes the premier business platform for technology transfer.


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