Beauty is an illusion that we must drive drop to drop


CATEGORY: Retail and visibility in the linear BRAND: Virospack

Cosmetics have always been illusion. Efficiency and results packed in magic to make the consumer dream. The first interaction of the consumer with the product takes place through the pack and what it transmits is often definitive in the final decision of purchase.

Rosa Porras


When we think of shock treatments, in high concentration formulas, in specific products that need a dosed and localized application, it is clear that the dropper is the first packaging that comes to our mind.

The dropper is ideal for precision, easy and safety in its use. A kind of packaging –with an R&D and an important development behind which few companies have the capacity to perform with guarantee and quality- that allows to dose the product drop by drop, applying it only where it is needed and spending only the product that is needs to. A packaging that...READING MORE IN

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