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ADBioplastics will attend as an exhibitor at the Packaging Innovations Madrid 2019 fair.

It has already been tagged the “new alternative to the traditional plastic” This startup will attend Packaging Innovations Madrid fair with a stand at Hall 5 Stand 3N06, which will take place on November 13 and 14 at IFEMA Exhibition Centre, coinciding with Empack fair. Besides, Iván Navarro, Project Manager at ADBioplastics, who has been interviewed  by Infopack will give a conference on the second day from 16:00 to 16:30 pm, about bioplastics and circular economy.


Working as a Project Manager, what is the main goal of ADBioplastics with its attendance Packaging Innovations Madrid 2019 fair?

This fair is part of Empack fair and it has become an essential meeting for us all. More than 200 suppliers will respond to any packing and packaging needs and we, as a bioplastics manufacturer must be to explain to packaging producers how European regulation will affect them and what sustainable alternatives they have at their fingertips, including our PLA-Premium.


You will give a presentation next November 14 at the fair. What will it be about?

We are very proud we have been chosen to give a presentation on November 14. It will be on Thursday, November 14, from 16:00 to 16:30 pm, and I hope that many people attend. I will address the issue of Bioplastics: biobased and biodegradable to promote the circular economy. The main goal is to guarantee the sustainability of the planet.


What is the added value of ADBioplastics to the bioplastics market?

Our product is Bio2. As I explained before is biobased and biodegradable with the added value that it is also compostable. This means that it breaks down at 90% in just six months, becoming CO2, water, and compost under industrial conditions. Precisely, this is one of the requirements set by the European Union (European Standard EN - 13432) and will enter into force in 2030.



ADBioplastics is defined as custom made bioplastics producers.

We are a constant companion to our customers, from the planning stage right through to service. They tell us about their needs. After that, my colleague, José Á. Ramos, Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry, and I work together in our laboratory to develop the required grades. It is a customised service. When customers test the sample on their machines, the result could not have been more satisfactory. Besides, we use this prototype as a reference to our portfolio. The last reference we have is for the pharmaceutical sector.



Food, pharmaceutical ... What other sectors are they targeting?

The main sector we address is the food sector because it is the biggest plastic consumer. However, European regulation also affects other sectors such as cosmetics or even pharmaceuticals, which we also target. Precisely, in this last sector, we have made a prototype of a measuring cup for an antibiotic that will soon be on the market.


If a company that uses conventional raw material decides to implement PLA-Premium in its processes, should it change its machinery? What transformation techniques can be used?

There are false fears but fortunately for the packaging manufacturers, the transformation process will not change. In the case of injection, it will be necessary to regulate the temperature and times to form the piece but little more.


ADBioplastics is currently involved in a funding round. How is it going to reach two million euros, set up the factory and produce on an industrial scale?

We are very optimistic because the funding round is going in the right direction. This month we have several meetings with potential investors who have seen in us a real opportunity. In the first quarter of 2020, we expect to set up our factory and meet the high demand we have in bioplastics.


ADBioplastics is a startup dedicated to the development and manufacturing of bioplastics. It is the alternative to replace traditional plastics and contribute to a greener environment.


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