Circular Economy in multilayer plastics: latest advances


CATEGORY: Sustainability and environment BRAND: ITENE

Current society is in a constant movement: population follows an almost exponential growth, and with it, needs and demands of resources. In this way, we face to a several of challenges which involve all areas of human activity development, from food security to climate change.


Jose L. Diéguez and Laura Blasco - ITENE


International organizations such as Ellen MacArthur Foundation, believe that Circular Economy is the base for addressing this problem. In this way, Circular Economy would rebuild capital, whether it is financial, manufactured, human, social or natural, obtaining as a result the improvement of goods and services flows. However, close collaboration between governments, educational institutions and companies is need, with the aim of inspiring society and redesigning the productive chain from the base.


In line with this global trend, and with the aim of simplifying and enhancing a circular economy transition, European Commission publishes its...READING MORE

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