Circular solutions for commercial and industrial plastic containers


CATEGORY: Sustainability and environment BRAND: SINTAC Recycling

The European Commission has been discussing this since 2015, through its Communication on the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy. The Circular Economy will boost competitiveness by protecting companies against resource scarcity and price volatility, and contribute to creating new business opportunities, as well as innovative and more efficient ways of producing and consuming.

Teresa Martínez


Since the beginning of 2018 it has already been focusing on plastics as the necessary protagonists of the change from a linear to a circular economy. As simple as the waste of some must become the resources for others. In that transition, recycling plays a fundamental role. We can extend the useful life of our products in new uses involving plastics, such as cars or construction, but in the end they will the waste will need to be dealt with.

Not to mention, in certain circumstances such as food packaging, for hygiene and food safety reasons, single-use containers are....READING MORE

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