Cosfibel signs collector holiday coffret for Mon Paris


CATEGORY: Company news BRAND: Cosfibel

For the 2018 holiday season, Yves Saint Laurent wished to present its Mon Paris fragrance in a coffret with the same shape as its iconic bottle. To create this daring shape, Cosfibel innovated by using a specific construction technique and an opening gesture that is both original and elegant.

This limited-edition prestige coffret is created using a generously sized cardboard structure featuring a tub that moves forward when the two outer doors are opened. With its flat back, the container is entirely covered with embossed white paper printed in the fragrance’s subtle pink shade, with a shimmering finish that evokes that of the scent’s box.


The coffret is decorated with a black grosgrain ribbon and ascot tie created by Auriol et Fontanel, fixed on by hand, with the same metal tag as the bottle sewn on to the ribbon.


Inside, a black flocked chock has three cavities for four different products, including a space for two that are positioned in a staggered manner. The inside of the cavity for the scent bottle is coated with pink mirror paper that reflects the juice.


The name of the fragrance and the YSL logo by Cassandre are printed using hot stamping.

For maximum visual impact in line with this extra-large format, Cosfibel’s capabilities stand out thanks to the coffret’s theatrical opening gesture.

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