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CATEGORY: Interviews with consumer brands BRAND: Alcántara Cosmética

Interview with Natalia Alcantara, Managing Director of Alcantara Cosmetica

Professional hairdressers and estheticians will surely be familiar with the products of Alcantara Cosmetica. In the eminently competitive business world, and in a sector like cosmetics, in constant evolution, this Salamanca company has adopted product differentiation and an innovative spirit as their strategies for marketing and positioning. This has enabled them, during their history of over three decades, to achieve a solid position in the Spanish market and a consolidated international demand.


INFOPACK: To start off and put our readers in the picture, could you tell us what product lines are offered by Alcantara Cosmetica?

NATALIA ALCANTARA: Alcantara Cosmetica has a broad range of products, of which our Violett 60 Professional and ammonia-free Violett Premium hair colourings are outstanding for their popularity in the professional sector. Both colourings offer high gloss with lasting, natural tones, and effectively cover grey hairs. The softening and hydrating components in these products protect hair and guarantee good care of the hair structure.  

Our Traybell hair treatments are intended to remedy any deterioration of the hair or scalp. The comprehensive Millenium Touch line of finishing products provides a final touch for perfect brushing.

The Violett Plex Color System is a complete and innovative treatment, scientifically formulated to protect hair from the different technical processes applied to it.

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