Cosmetics: the packaging of the future



In the cosmetics sector, the aesthetics of the product is decisive for the consumer to carry out the purchase action. The ideal packaging must be eye-catching. For this to take place, it must transmit the image of the brand, attract customers and act as a differentiation tool.


Sara Mesas - ITENE


96% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product if they can touch the packaging at the point of sale.

For many consumers it is important to feel the experience of taking care of themselves and feeling beautiful from the moment they visualise the product in the linear. Thus, the packaging must be a clear reflection of the personality of the product it contains and cause a great visual impact.

In short, the packaging of cosmetic products must add value to the product itself, as well as contributing to its correct preservation, and providing a communicative character.

It is important to highlight that not only the visual aspect is significant. The packaging of the cosmetics sector follows some trends to which it is essential to adapt, and even to anticipate, to position itself among recognised brands in the sector.


Enough is enough

Today we are exposed to a large amount of information, we have access to information on brands, their products and promises, consumer ratings, and, in addition, we can compare this information. All this has many advantages, but in the end, it makes the purchase decision a complicated decision.

For this reason, there is a clear tendency to reduce the amount of information that is received by the consumer, since ... READING MORE

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