Crown cans reach new heights in bespoke ceiling installation for Bottletop retail store


CATEGORY: Sustainability and environment BRAND: Crown Cork

Bottletop, a British sustainable luxury fashion accessory brand, has found an innovative use for thousands of Crown beverage cans inside its groundbreaking flagship store on Regent Street in London.

The store, which will offer an inspiring immersive experience that blends future-facing ecological conscience with time-honoured craftwork, will enable customers to truly learn about Bottletop’s award winning collection and its vision for the future. A number of its products, such as luxury handbags, are made using upcycled beverage can tabs, which links in seamlessly to the work of art Bottletop has created using upcycled cans from Crown.


Thousands of beverage cans have been skillfully suspended from the ceiling and embedded into a 3D printed lattice structure to form what has become the Bottletop trademark metal canopy. The use of metal cans fits in perfectly with Bottletop’s sustainable approach, as they are made from 100% recyclable material, which can be reprocessed infinitely without any loss of properties. The beverage can is the most recycled packaging format in the sector, and the use of the many thousands of cans in this artistic display is proof positive that there are opportunities to upcycle where creative minds are involved.



The ceiling itself is a play on the concept of negative space, inspired by the British contemporary artist Rachel Whiteread. Bottletop is also considering installing the original can sculpture that Whiteread created for them in the store.

Matt Twiss, Marketing & Business Development Director, Crown Bevcan Europe and Middle East, commented: “To be a part of such an exciting project has been an honour for Crown. We are proud to support Bottletop’s sustainability mission and are pleased that the environmental credentials of metal packaging are receiving the attention they deserve. For a ceiling that is silver in colour, it is the greenest we have ever seen!”.


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