Distilleries Tenís: Modern packaging for a traditional product


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Distilleries Tenís, based in Monforte del Cid, markets ANIS TENIS, a market-leading product whose origins date back to 1921, and was created along with another mythical product from this brand: Tenis Grand Mandarin liquor.

Raúl Torregrosa


Over time, new products and product lines emerge, including in the alcoholic spirit segment: Mint, hazelnut, green apple, coffee and peach liqueur, which share store shelves with Grand Mandarin Liqueur, although this last is in a special class of its own.

These liquors were first manufactured at the end of the 60s, as were what are known as herbal liqueurs (sweet herbero, dry herbero and cantueso).


Truquet Café was first brought to market in the late 80s. Lastly, the most recent products date from just a couple of years ago (2015): cream liqueurs, such as Tenis Glee cream and cream of rice.


ANISE TENNIS is sold nationwide, but the remaining product lines are mainly regional offerings. Foremost, it should be noted that all Tenís Distilleries products are...READING MORE


Raúl Torregrosa is a design creative and the CEO of Posiciona (Alcoy, Alicante), an agency specializing in branding and packaging for the food, banking, hospitality, cosmetics and healthcare industries, among others. Its motto is: "Products with personality that simply cannot go unnoticed"

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