Empack, Label & Print, Packaging Innovations and Logistics & Distribution 2019


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The container, packaging and logistics industry's major trade shows will be held on November 13 and 14 at the IFEMA fairgrounds (Madrid), featuring exhibits of containers manufactured with recycled or plant-based components, alternatives to single-use packaging, and smart packaging, among other novelties. Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia, will be the autonomous communities with the highest number of companies attending Empack 2019.

Edible containers, biodegradable containers made with mango and intelligent packaging that warns about the product expiry date by changing color, are some of the novelties from an industry that is undergoing sweeping transformation and is increasingly committed to caring for the environment.


Raquel Carboneras, Director of the Empack, Label & Print, Packaging Innovations and Logistics & Distribution trade shows, signature industry events in southern Europe and for everything related to packaging and logistics, which in 2018 brought together over 400 companies and 10,200 visitors, shared her views with us. “Sustainability is no passing fad; it is here to stay. Consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious, European and national-level regulations are imposing an increasingly stringent set of regulations, and many major brands, such as Danone, Nestle and Kelloggs, have set out to employ a completely different range of packaging in 2025 from what is used today. This means our trade shows will be opening a window onto the future for an industry that is undergoing transformation at a torrid pace.”


To that end, care for the environmental will be a major theme for the upcoming edition of these events, which will be held jointly in Madrid on November 13 and 14. The use of recycled components in containers, from vegetable or compostable materials; the manufacture of degradable packaging; new alternatives to single-use packaging; the use of laser labels - which are printed directly on the skin of fresh produce; and the progressive withdrawal of hi-cones (the plastic ring carriers for beverage cans that pose a danger to marine fauna) will be some of the issues that will be addressed during the events.

Another initiative this year to raise awareness about the environment is the decision to recognize and reward outstanding packaging for its sustainable properties. The annual Inspirational Packaging Awards, organized by Packaging Innovations, will be giving out the IPA Award for Sustainability among the awards given. In the prior edition, this award went to a 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging solution presented by the FLOPP brand of organic detergents.



Carbon Footprint and Smart Badges

In line with the idea that these types of events should be increasingly sustainable themselves, Empack, Label & Print, Packaging Innovations and Logistics & Distribution were the first major trade shows which measured their carbon footprint last year in order to gauge their environmental impact and attempt to reduce it.

The study, commissioned to EULEN, covered the facilities where the trade shows are held, the IFEMA Pavilions, as well as the carbon footprint of exhibitors, attendees and organizational staff (taking into account their accommodations, transportation, etc.).

Raquel Carboneras adds: “Our trade shows are committed to innovation and we try to improve each time they are held. This is why we grow from one year to the next. Another of our achievements has been the adoption of Smart Badge technology, an intelligent accreditation card that visitors run through the reader of the exhibitors that interest them, which allows them to then receive all the information by e-mail in digital form. This means that the people who come to see the events do not have to load up on catalogs and brochures, while our exhibitors do not have to print them up, either, with the resulting savings of paper.”


Germany and France, the Countries Most Represented

Catalonia and Madrid, with 42 companies each, will be the Spanish autonomous communities with the highest level of representation, followed by the Valencian Community and the Basque Country.

There will also be companies from Aragon, Asturias, the two Castilla autonomies, Murcia, Galicia, Navarra, Cantabria and Andalusia. Precisely from the latter hails Fijaplast, a leader in packaging systems based in Granada, who will act as the Gold Sponsor for the trade show. For its part, Rocamora, Silver Sponsor of the show, is based in the Valencian Community and will present its latest innovations in machinery and packaging solutions.

With regard to international participation, Germany and France will be the countries with the most representatives, although companies from Italy, Portugal, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden and Colombia have also confirmed their attendance.

So far, over 170 companies have announced their participation in Logistics, led by Catalonia and Madrid, and about 40 in Packaging Innovations, with the Valencian Community having the highest level of representation.

All told, there will be over 350 companies presenting their latest developments in what surely constitutes the only annual event in Spain that brings together all the players and solutions in the supply chain.

In addition to the exhibition, over 40 hours of presentations, distributed across five conference rooms, will address the future of and challenges to the industry.


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