EMSUR trusts ENPROM again with the acquisition of the new doctoring Machine eRR30 Dual


CATEGORY: Machinery and applications BRAND: Emsur

The Spanish flexible packaging multinational Emsur, specialist in the dairy market for lid, banderole and sleeves, has just installed to its plant in Madrid, the first Enprom Dual Doctoring Machine that allows both the validation of sleeve material, as well as the inspection of the reels for the flexible packaging sector.

The eRR 30, a compact, safe and friendly solution


The Enprom Dual Doctoring Machine is one of the latest innovations designed by the high demand by our customers in the sector to make an equipment that meets the current needs of the label and flexible packaging manufacturers.
The double function of the eRR30 Dual diversifies the investment of the equipment in the two aforementioned sectors, allowing two different processes:
• Sleeve: Verification of the correct sealing of Sleeve tube, using the balloon air validation system with electronic detection.
• Flexible Packaging: Inspection, control and “doctor” the reels up to 400mm width, repair the reels that may be defective from the printers / cutters or splices at register.
Thanks to the bidirectionality of the eRR 30 Dual and its double pneumatic nip pressure roller in unwinding / rewinding, it allows to perform the functions in both directions, avoiding stops and machine threads.


The machine can be complemented with different options such as: longitudinal cutting, display screen, stroboscope camera, 100% printing inspection system, possibility of incorporating control software including 4.0 technologies.
Within the portfolio solutions of the Dual family you can also find the solution for a width of 600mm.
Enprom’ engineering capability has allowed the development of a solution that satisfies two different markets of the label in a single machine.


The ENPROM Dual eRR30, a new ergonomic and efficient innovation.



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