EROSKI develops a pioneering project for the recycling of coffee capsules in the great distribution in Spain


CATEGORY: Sustainability and environment BRAND: PLS POOLING

It´s a pilot initiative that the cooperative starts in stores in the Basque Country, Navarra and the Balearic Islands and that makes it the first major distributor in Spain to install own collection points for coffee capsules of any material and brand.

Through this initiative, it´ll be able to reclaim 100% of the capsule's raw materials, boosting the circular economy.


EROSKI has installed specific containers identified in their points of sale so that customers can deposit the used coffee capsules.


The cooperative has designed a reverse logistics process that includes sending the capsules collected in each store to its logistics plant where the authorized manager PLS POOLING will withdraw them for treatment and recycling. The coffee and the biodegradable capsules will be converted into fertilizer for the substrate of mushrooms, fungi and other compost, and the plastic and aluminum will be recycled and melted to generate new plastic and aluminum containers, respectively.

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