Gallo Nature. Superfoods on your plate!


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Little Buddha

The brand design agency Little Buddha has developed the packaging for the new category of pastas made from combinations of cereals or vegetables by the leading brand of pastas in the Spanish market, Pastas Gallo.

Gallo Nature is a project born of the conviction of Pastas Gallo, a referent in the sector in Spain, that pasta can also be a trend food that connects with the new needs and concerns of consumers.


With over 70 years in the Spanish market, Pastas Gallo is a leading company with ultra-modern factories and products of the highest quality. Their constant desire for improvement has allowed Pastas Gallo to develop a huge range of offerings, with new products, new formats, and, also, new benefits, adapted to any taste and any moment.


In the present day, Pastas Gallo offers innumerable products in various ranges: Classic Pasta, Fresh Pasta, Special Pasta for Salads, Gluten-free Pasta, Pastalover, etc., with which they have attained a deep knowledge of the market and of emerging needs and tendencies.


So the new Nature range is just one more example of...READING MORE


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