Gond Wana, a bottle to hold millions of years


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Tridimage

When he hung up the phone and smiled at me, I knew something exciting was in the air. It’s a new graphical and structural design, he said. Brand, bottle, graphic. Starting from zero. A real challenge.

Guillermo Dufranc



The brand is called Gond Wana. That sounded familiar, but what is it? It is the name of one of the two supercontinents that were formed millions of years ago, when the earth literally split in half.

We had to design the image for a premium water obtained from one of nature’s most closely guarded secrets. This water has been waiting there, intact, totally pure, for millions of years.

The aquifer that kept this water hidden is in South America, in Itacurubi de la Cordillera, in Paraguay.


No exaggeration

More than water, it’s a jewel, they told us. One might think that someone enamoured of his product could be exaggerating a little. But they were right.

The aquifer was discovered after a long, arduous investigation. Nature has taken care of the quality of the water: millions of years filtering through the pores in the rocks, made up of 99% pure, transparent grains of crystalline quartz.

But its origin is not the only surprise. The water contains a combination of bicarbonate, potassium and calcium that is 100% natural and offers unmatchable benefits for our organism.

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