How to ensure the stability of the load: solutions and technologies



Distribution: how to comply with Directive 2014/47/EU to ensure the safety of palletized loads through packaging

Patricia Navarro Javierre and José Ignacio Garrigós Forcada (ITENE)


The RD 563/2017, obliges loading companies and carriers to ensure safety, stability and proper stowage of cargo. It regulates the technical inspections in highway, reason why the inspection has 2 fundamental parts:

· Art 8. The technical inspection of the vehicle, in order to verify that it meets all the conditions for driving (Documentation, visual inspection of the vehicle, brakes, lights, couplings ...)

· Art 11. Inspection of the securing of the load, where it is assessed that the load of the vehicle is properly stowed and that there is no risk that the stability of the load interferes with safe driving, posing a risk to life, health, property or the environment.


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