How to increase the efficiency of value chain management


CATEGORY: Packaging and containers BRAND: Knauf Industries

The main challenges in management of the supply chain imply selecting the product, the packaging and the correct sizes in a way that helps to increase sales of the products and at the same time reduces inventory, transport and packaging costs.

In addition, packaging options continue to evolve, with new materials and labelling options to make the products more attractive and improve the quality of the packaging in general.


The packaging industry is evolving towards a coordinated system for preparing products for safe, profitable and efficient transport throughout the entire distribution channel that, eventually, will lead to maximising the value for consumers and maximise sales, and hence profits.


This means that packaging also plays a key role in management of the supply chain. In fact, in recent times, packaging design has become a mature, independent communications discipline, and packaging is now a central and critical element in the creation of an effective brand identity.


Logistics requires packages that are easy to handle, in all processes and for consumers. On the other hand, marketing demands packages that are attractive to customers. All of these demands can now be satisfied.


The Airpop represents an ideal solution, since it softens falls, minimising damage to the products; it conserves stable temperatures, even if the cold chain is broken; its white colour suggests hygiene and quality, although it can be supplied in a wide variety of colours, as desired; it is 100% moldable; it weighs much less = fuel savings.


With their 360 Total Pack System, Knauf can contribute to improving the supply chain for any client.

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