I have seen the future of packaging...…and its name is Augmented Reality.


CATEGORY: Innovations BRAND: Tridimage

Buenos Aires, July 15, 2029. A typical hot night in the "city of fury". Cynthia dashes to the supermarket. In thirty minutes, dinner guests will be arriving at her home. Luckily, choosing a wine for the occasion has never been easier. The augmented reality interface of her smart glasses shows her the three best options on the store shelf, perfectly matched to her guests' tastes.


Hernán Braberman


As soon as her eyes land on a bottle of Malbec, the memory of a reddish sunset over the Andes mountain range unfolds before her eyes. A quick touch of her smart bracelet seals the deal. Suddenly, a geolocation-based pop-up appears on the screen: "don't forget the juice for the children”. Assisted by virtual navigation, she homes in on the juice aisle in a split second. Cynthia smiles. Before her, the juice carton of her children's favorite brand informs her that the latest versions have been uploaded. She pauses to imagine the delight of Alex and Maia when tomorrow they play the new games together that the carton will deploy during breakfast before she heads for the office.


Entertainment, adventures, instructions, knowledge, recipes, immersion. Augmented experiences are now available to everyone. How can we take advantage of this opportunity for our own brands? How might we delight and surprise consumers with packaging designs in new ways that were not possible before?


Over the last 30 years, we have overcome many hurdles with innovative solutions that have simplified the way we interact with technology. We are entering the new era of... READING MORE

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