Implementing Industry 4.0 in packaging


CATEGORY: Machinery and applications BRAND: Omron Corporation

Adopting Industry 4.0 into your packaging line can bring many benefits from better data management to improved efficiency. But while the benefits may be clear, replacing a complete production line may not be an option for packaging companies operating on already tight margins.


Dan Rossek


While moving to a modern, flexible and smart line brings the most benefits, even small changes to existing facilities can deliver significant boosts to efficiency.


It’s all about the data. Smart packaging lines can improve traceability, uptime, and quality, while reducing running costs and total cost of ownership. Most of the benefits come from having an integrated component and control platform which allows seamless exchange of data between devices and the control system. Having access to this component level data is one of the key enabling factors to realise the benefits of an Industry 4.0 system.


Especially on older equipment, even if some data is available, it is typically just a very binary on/off indication. Either the machine is ...READING MORE

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