“In the age of digital transformation, packaging is more important than ever”


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Interview with Beatriz Fernandez Loizaga, Marketing Director for the Water Business Unit of Mahou San Miguel.

Taking advantage of the International Congress of Brand and Packaging Design, organized by the European Brand & Packaging Design Association (EPDA), that took place recently in Madrid, we spoke with Beatriz Fernandez Loizaga, marketing director of Solan de Cabras, who participated in the event as a speaker. The event analysed the consequences and opportunities of digitalization in the field of brand design.


Economist, business promoter and brand creator, Beatriz Fernandez Loizaga, currently the Marketing Director for Water and Beverages in Mahou-San Miguel, having enjoyed a varied career, living and working in several countries. Over the years, she has been responsible for significant growth in the brand value of some of the best-known international FMCG corporations.


INFOPACK: You have participated in the EPDA event, a congress centred on the design of brands and packaging. What was Solan de Cabras’ message in this event?

BEATRIZ FERNANDEZ LOIZAGA: Solan de Cabras is an iconic brand, a referent in the sector, characterized by its innovation and commitment. It is represented perfectly by its blue bottle, which echoes our respect for its origin and for the protection of the environment. As a result, we can adapt to any situation or place, whether it be a family reunion, a first-class restaurant or just a bottle in your hand, whenever we rehydrate ourselves during our daily activities.

It is clear that our authenticity and coherence makes us...READING MORE


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