Infopack starts its internationalisation


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As we ring in the new year 2018, we also present the new International Infopack.

The issue you have in your hand is the start, and the crystallization, of a project that we have long had in mind, caring for and nurturing it like a prized flower, to offer a renovated magazine with a greater focus on the points we consider most innovative and dynamic within the packaging industry and, as goes without saying, to satisfy the general demand of our readers for a completely bilingual Spanish-English magazine.


Readers will quickly see the visual changes, which we hope will be appreciated, but we also want to stress our desire to accompany the entrepreneurs in the Spanish packaging and labelling industry in their expansion into the international sphere, an expansion that many have already commenced, especially those whose organisation, structure and financial capacity facilitate it, although there is still much to be done in the fragmented business panorama of our country, where, despite numerous mergers and the creation or entry of large international groups, SMEs still predominate, both in our sector, packaging, and in others. We wish to encourage these also to look beyond our frontiers; the international markets are within their reach, too! The key is to integrate internationalization into the company’s structure and strategy; companies must understand their limits, resources and capacity, and prepare a meticulous but realistic plan to start the project. They can be sure that we will be with them, supporting them along the way.

Nor do we want to forget the companies that consume packaging products and labels, whether producers or distributors; to the contrary, in Infopack, as we demonstrate every month, we recognise their importance as the promoters of innovation, providing a stimulation that our industry must respond to with its not inconsiderable R&D capacity, so that produce reaches the end consumer as the producers would wish. In this issue, you will find the concerns that SanLucar Fruits, a producer and marketer of fruit and vegetables, expresses in this regard: their fresh produce must be delivered in perfect condition to many destinations worldwide. Sonia Mallen, their Head of Packaging and Quality, has explained it for us.


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