Innovation is a leading theme in Advanced Factories 2019


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For three days and for the third consecutive year, Advanced Factories will once again turn Barcelona into the European capital of industrial innovation during the new 2019 edition, whose new campaign under the motto 'Join industrial intelligence' has been presented this week. From 9 to 11 April, startups and innovative projects will be able to present themselves in front of leading companies and professionals in the industrial sector.


The trade show will focus on the most innovative trends that are revolutionizing the sector at an accelerated pace and will provide a global vision of all the solutions surrounding the improvement of industrial competitiveness. The sum of solutions is related to industrial automation, industrial digitalization, the implementation of Industry 4.0 and its technologies applicable to the industrial sector.

The objective of Advanced Factories is to raise awareness among entrepreneurs and professionals in the manufacturing industry about how to improve their competitiveness and face the challenges of the digital era. As Albert Planas, director general, says: “Industrial factories have to embrace emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence or the internet of things, as they did at the end of the last decade with automation systems or robotics, that is, the combination of industrial automation, digital manufacturing and industry 4.0”. That is why all companies that aim to optimize their production processes, must foster continuous improvement and adapt to new technological paradigms, in quest for solutions and equipment that allow them to develop highly advanced manufacturing systems. 

Thus, Advanced Factories will present again all the solutions that help the manufacturing industry to improve its competitiveness; the latest advancements in machine tools, robotics and industrial automation, together with new technologies increasingly relevant to sector, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning or 3D printing, through all types of production software and PLC systems. 

Together with the Industry 4.0 Congress, the largest European congress dedicated to advanced and digital industry, Advanced Factories will develop 3 auditoriums, 8 vertical forums, 4 thematic axes, along with over 170 speakers to share their success stories and experiences in the framework of manufacturing additive, industrial IoT and industrial data analytics to applications, digital platforms or virtual and augmented reality. 

In a very short time, Advanced Factories has established itself as a must-attend event full of networking activities and real business opportunities for all professionals in the industrial sector, with each edition advancing one more step towards the technological future that the digital transformation and industrial intelligence bring. 



Industry Start-Up Forum

This space, dedicated to new business models and to the most disruptive projects for the industry, is the perfect showcase and the point of networking to get to be known by companies, investors and leading professionals in the sector.

The needs of the industrial sector have been increased with the development of connectivity, digital transformation and the boom of Industry 4.0 in recent years, which has favored the emergence of new business forms, such as emerging companies based on new technologies.

The Industry Start-up Forum helps to boost these new companies and offers its entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet with potential partners and investors so that they can share their innovative solutions, establish synergies and develop the most disruptive projects applied to the Connected Factory.

The Forum seeks disruptive projects that will impact the Factories of the Future on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Additive Manufacturing, Big Data and Analytics, IoT, Robotics and Automation. The projects will be evaluated by a committee of experts who will assess the ability to solve their challenges, the leadership, and management of teams, the innovation of the technologies and the scalability and sustainability of the company.

The projects can be registered until March 24th. The finalists will participate in the Industry Start-up Forum of Advanced Factories scheduled for Wednesday, April 10, and will automatically be selected as candidates for the Factories of the Future Awards in the category of “Best Technological Innovation for the Factory of the Future”, which will be delivered on the same Wednesday, April 10 at night.





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