Kellogg’s: cereals 4.0


CATEGORY: Machinery and applications

In the consumer products sector, we have been seeing a change of paradigm for several years now. Until recently, the big companies dominated the market and customers hovered around us, it was the big companies who told the consumers how and when and what they should buy.


Emilio Anglés


But now, this has all changed. Now it is the companies who hover around the consumers, and these have become the heart of the business.


The enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 have to allow industrial companies to survive in an environment that is increasingly demanding and volatile.


To compete in this environment, we need industrial processes that are ever more agile and flexible, to accelerate innovation, increase the safety and quality of our products, reduce the time to market, reduce costs and, most importantly, increase the satisfaction of our customers, so investing in the digital transformation of our industries will be vital if we want to survive all these challenges.


For this reason, in Kellogg’s Manufacturing Valls, we set off on our journey towards the digitalization of our industrial processes in 2014, to convert from conventional factories to...READING MORE

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