Low alcohol explosion of nature


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Pagà Disseny

The Viña Albali Frizzante bottle, produced by Felix Solis Avantis, holds an aromatic, sweet and very light drink that, with its delightful refreshing bubbles and its low alcohol content (5.5%) will find a place on the table at any time of day. This bottle, with a decoration full of life and vegetation, hides in its interior the latest sparkling drink, replete with fruity aromas and vitality.

Pere Pagà


With two versions -- one white (made from verdejo grapes) and one rosé (tempranillo grapes) -- this semi-sparkling wine, produced using natural processes that respect the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness, contains a modest amount of alcohol, and carbonic gas that enhances the refreshing flavours of the fruit and makes drinking it more entertaining.

To decorate the bottle, in Pere Paga Disseny we opted to use a spring/early summer design based on an illustration by Elena Hormiga on a white background that wraps completely...READ MORE IN

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