“Maldita la hora...”, the first sparking wine from Cantabria


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Veralidad Studio

I don’t know how it happens, but there are times when you connect with a client as soon as you start to talk about what he wants or why he has come to you with his project. This is what happened with Asier and Miriam, the owners of Bodegas Sel d’Aiz, a small winery in the heart of the Pasiegos Valleys (Cantabria), with a very limited production, compared with bigger Spanish wine producers, but who are advancing ceaselessly.

Verónica Vicente 


These wine makers came to me to design the label for their new sparkling wine, which just happens to be the first brut nature sparkling wine made in Cantabria, an exclusive wine with a low production volume but backed up by a powerful ambition.


The brief

Right from the start, Asier and Miriam had certain premises very clear, the most important being to maintain the identity of the brand, respecting the earthy and ochre colours used in the designs for their other wines.

There was only one problem with the design: ...READING MORE

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