Modultech, the new range of modular labeler machines


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Auxiemba, manufacturer of machinery to label packaging, presents in the next edition of Hispack 2018, a new family of labeler, designed to allow maximum flexibility of use in a market in continuous and constant evolution.

The configuration of “Modultech” is based on an ergonomic and flexible machine for the end user. An ergonomic frame allows access and change parts in a comfortable and fast way.

Thanks to new technologies within the labeling sector, “Modultech” allows you fit different glue applications modules within the same machine: self-adhesive, cold glue or hotmelt systems.

Other features:

  • Stainless steel electrical cabinet joined to the machine.
  • Bottle feeding control with servomotor in the infeed screw, driven independently of the machine. This system allows control the container infeed without hits, besides acting as a blocking and unblocking, depending of bottle flow.
  • Infeed and outfeed starwheels driven by servomotors
  • Back carousel protection with curved methacrylate
  • Manual lifting of “guillotine-type” protection
  • Safety micros: opened/closed
  • Front protection with methacrylate side opening doors


The new range of “Modultech” labelers will be exhibited at the next edition of the Hispack-2018 fair, from May 8 to 11, at the Auxiemba stand (D462).


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