New Cairgo-Bag Combo inflatable bags from J2 Servid


CATEGORY: Logistics BRAND: J2 Servid

J2 Servid (Sant Salvador de Guardiola, Barcelona) presents their new Cairgo-Bag Combo inflatable bags, that incorporate all of the safety systems in a single bag.

The main concern of users of inflatable bags has always been the risk of air leaks during transport, due mainly to the micro-pores that may exist in the interior plastic bag. In view of this, a multi-layer safety system has been developed, consisting of 2 to 4 interior plastic layers, depending on the safety level, produced using the latest technology available. The system is 100% automated, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the product, and preventing air leaks during transport. The outside of the inflatable bag is made with a polypropylene raffia layer covered with en external layer of plastic, to give greater strength to the bag.


At the same time, the new Cairgo-Bags incorporate the new combo valve and adapter with the Click & Go system, easy and safe to use. This is a safety valve with an interior recoil spring and a reusable valve.


There is also includes a traceable label in each bag that uses the international UPC barcode, for better control of the quality of the product.

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