New functionalities for paper and cardboard


CATEGORY: Materiales de envase BRAND: ITENE

Corrugated cardboard pallets, cellulose containers for food, recycled paper and cardboard with greater food safety... These are some of the innovations that research and technology development are already allowing to bring to the market. With new solutions for a material that seeks to reinvent itself and take a leap in functionality and sustainability.

Jaume Santonja, Antonio Monsalve, María Rodríguez




The packaging of paper and cardboard is a widely used solution in the world, not surprisingly the paper and cardboard industry has a large presence at European level. ASPAPEL estimates that the industry directly employs 177,065 people. Regarding the business figures, the sector managed to invoice in 2016 a figure of around 81,000 million euros.

Meanwhile, cardboard boxes are...MORE IN

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