New packaging technologies to increase the safety and quality of premium products


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Packaging is a key element for any product in the market, since every detail counts and makes the product more attractive to the consumer. For this reason, there are several sectors that are working to be at the forefront of the latest developments in their sector.

Nuria Herranz and Leticia Requena



The pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector are two of these key sectors, which have changed the concept of standard packaging in recent times and have found a marketing tool and added value for their products in the advances of current packaging.

On the one hand, from the point of view of the pharmaceutical sector, packaging is not only a fundamental tool used to inform and present its products and its expiration, but it also seeks to preserve the product and ensure a safe and appropriate transportation. In short, it seeks to offer appealing and attractive packaging for the consumer, earning their trust through safer products. Another important goal of the packaging, especially of the pharmaceutical sector, is...READING MORE

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