New “Thin Range” label stock from HERMA: low weight, reliable adhesion



The new HERMAcoat light (238) / 61Dps / 523 is the first label stock to combine the advantages of thin self-adhesive materials with those offered by multi-layer technology. Using this label stock, label printers are not only able to save space and resources, but can also benefit from its excellent adhesive properties – at attractive conditions.

Introducing a new, lightweight label stock featuring thinner label paper (70 g/m2) and an especially adapted adhesive, HERMA now offers label printers the opportunity to save costs, space, and resources. The first label stock from HERMA’s new Thin Range is HERMAcoat light (238), a white, semi-gloss coated label paper. Despite “slimmed-down” materials, users do not have to make any compromises. Instead, they receive a special added value thanks to the multi-layer technology developed by HERMA in which two different layers of adhesive – each with special characteristics – are applied at the same time. Thereby, both the adhesive and the converting parameters can be controlled independently, resulting in, for instance, excellent adhesion as well as easy processing. With single-layer adhesives, on the other hand, users often have to make concessions.


Adhesive with proven properties

For the new Thin Range, the proven HERMAperfectStick (62Dps) adhesive was further developed and adapted for use with thinner paper grades. Now named 61Dps, this new multi-layer adhesive ensures high initial tack while effectively reducing adhesive migration. Certified by German test institute ISEGA, the 61Dps has received the approval for direct contact with dry, moist, and fatty foodstuffs (reduction factor 3).

Marcus Gablowski, head of adhesive and special coating development at HERMA, comments: “With HERMAcoat light (238) and the new 61Dps adhesive, we have created an attractive alternative for label printers who are often facing price pressure – and this alternative requires no compromises regarding adhesive and converting characteristics. We will examine other material combinations with regard to their economic efficiency and application safety in order to expand this product range, adding thermal papers, for example.”


Located in Filderstadt near Stuttgart (Germany), HERMA GmbH is a leading European specialist in self-adhesive technology. In the 2017 fiscal year the HERMA Group generated sales of around €342.3 million in its three divisions with 993 employees.


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