Noble Rey, a craft beer ... in a can


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Crown Cork

Craft beer in France? Surely you mean wine? Well, no. It’s official. Craft beer in France is taking off in a big way.

According to a recent Euromonitor report, beer was the most dynamic category in the country in 2016 (1), and this is set to continue as French consumers increasingly seek a wider selection of beers from around the world.

As a result, enterprising retailers have taken up the challenge of meeting this demand. One example is Neodif, a French beverage retailer that specializes in foreign beer distribution. The owner signed an exclusive agreement with rights to produce, fill and sell the American brewer Noble Rey (Dallas, Texas) brand’s beers in France and potentially other locations in Europe.



After deciding to package the beers in cans, Neodif partnered with Brasserie Duyck and Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East to develop stand out designs that would appeal to consumers on-shelf and provide true differentiation from the competition. The finished product, named ‘Sex in a Can’, features a fiery redheaded, mermaid-inspired figure blowing a kiss to potential consumers from a contrasting aquamarine coloured background.


Gildas Hays, Managing Director at Neodif, commented: “The team at Crown’s Leicester studio really opened our eyes about what can be achieved using metal packaging. It was an enlightening experience that will enable us explore new looks and finishes going forward as we bring craft beer to the people of France.



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