“Now we must print experiences that provide differential value”


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 Interview with Miquel Olivé, managing director of HP Indigo and PWP Iberia

Lately, in Infopack, we have seen an increase in investment in printers in the world of label manufacturers, and also among converters of flexible packs and sachets. We have visited many of these companies to inquire about their motives and the tasks that they can carry out with their new machinery. Productivity and added value are recurring themes that we find again and again in each new case that we report on. But I must warn you that this interview is different. Miquel Olivé offers us a completely fresh and novel vision of the role of the graphics industry in a digital world: it is not a question of quality or speed, but of EXPERIENCES that offer a difference in value.


Fco. Javier Romero


INFOPACK: In reference to HP, our readers know, above all, that their Indigo printers have been very successful in the world of labels. But in the last few years, this platform has achieved a notable penetration in the commercial graphics industry. How has this been achieved? In which market sectors does HP have more influence?

MIQUEL OLIVÉ: We have three commercial sectors: GCP (General Commercial Printing), Photo and PWP (PageWide Web Presses).

In the GCP sector, we have several installations, it is a sector that is performing well, that is growing, although in the last few years it has faltered, but our clients in the digital world have advanced, although of course, their percentage growth has been less than that of the packaging sector, but they have advanced considerably, especially those that have innovated in some way, like opening E-commerce platforms, on-line stores, etc.; getting away from things like traditional sales catalogues. They are reinventing themselves. On-line selling is going to continue to increase, we must be aware of this, and digital technology, Web-to-Print, as it is called, provides platforms that help us enormously to change the way we do things. As a result, we have advanced in the commercial printing sector and the next area that we are focussing on is traditional offset printing. We already have a presence in some offset companies, but this is still a challenge, because we are working on increasing our intersection with what they normally do.

In the photography world, we also have a presence.... READ MORE AT DIGITAL MAGAZINE

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