“Our packaging is 100% ecological and 0% plastic”


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Interview with Silvia Llamas, head of marketing for Biovivo

All things health, natural, ecological - nobody can have failed to notice it - are in fashion. This is one of the current tendencies that all brands of foods and drinks have to transmit at all costs to their consumers. They must not only follow this tendency, they must be seen to do so. HaciendasBio, with its Biovivo brand, a referent in the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector, is one of those companies that, right from the start, has developed sustainable and innovative packaging for a sector that generally, until recently, has not taken into account the value of their image.


INFOPACK: To start off, what is Biovivo, and what is its positioning in the Spanish market?

SILVIA LLAMAS: The creation, a year ago, of the Biovivo brand is a response to the growing demand of Spanish consumers for ecological products. According to the consultancy firm Everis, the Spanish ecological market is growing, and could generate 12,182 million Euros in 2020 inside Spain, which would mean a growth of over 26% per year.

Biovivo has been created in Spain to break out of the specialized ecological fruit and vegetable channel as the only source, and to enter mass distribution. This will make its products available to...READING MORE IN


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