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CATEGORY: Interviews with consumer brands BRAND: Mars Iberia

Interview with Albert Ros, Supply Chain Director, Mars Iberia

What do brands of chocolate and iconic candies, like Mars, M&M’s, Orbit, Sugus or Twix, have to do with well-known pet foods like Royal Canin or Whiskas? Perhaps Spanish consumers, in general, would not associate them with Mars Incorporated, a multi-brand global giant based in Virginia, USA that, with a history that goes back to the end of the 19th century, has found a place in every home on the planet. In Spain, Mars Iberia has its offices in Barcelona


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: Can we start with a brief summary of Mars’ product lines, and the percentage of each one in your overall sales world-wide and in Spain?

ALBERT ROS: Mars is one of the biggest family companies in the world in the sector of foodstuffs. It has four business areas: confectionery (which includes chocolate, chewing gum and sweets), pet food, food and drinks. Confectionery and pet foods are the most important areas world-wide. In Spain, in particular, the confectionery area is well ahead of the rest, and represents about ...MORE IN

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