Plastics and sustainability: market trends and new developments


CATEGORY: Sustainability and environment BRAND: ITENE

Due to its unique properties and its low costs, plastics are the key material in the modern economy. Its use has been multiplied by twenty in half a century and it is expected to be multiplied again in the following twenty years.

Daily, anyone is in contact with plastics, especially those originating from packaging. However, despite its many benefits, the current plastic economy leads to a series of disadvantages, each day more noticeable.


Laura Blasco Galindo, Cristina González Buch, César Aliaga Baquero – ITENE


After a first and short usage, 95% of the material value of the plastic packaging is lost, as it is not recycled, meaning a loss of 65-100 billion euros per year. Overcoming these disadvantages is a good opportunity for the plastic market, allowing to create a new system with greater benefits and more sustainable.


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