Pujolasos launches “Woork”, the first 100% natural and compostable wooden cap, free of plastic and glue


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Woork is an innovation recently patented by Pujolasos, which responds to the growing demand of the perfumery market: to offer a completely organic, natural, ecological and compostable cap. The effects of this patent grant full exclusivity in its manufacture, commercialization and distribution.


After several years of innovation, we can announce that the Pujolasos team launches the first 100% organic & compostable cap of the market, made of totally natural materials, such as wood and cork, eliminating plastic inner parts and glues to join both materials.


Wood and cork are a completely renewable natural material, by nature, are 100% recyclable. Wood is a noble, organic and 100% natural material associated with luxury and sustainability. This innovation responds to the current need and demand of the market aimed at offering to consumers 100% organic and sustainable packaging products for the beauty sector. The innovation departments of the main brands in the sector work very intensely on how to obtain more sustainable packaging and offer to consumers the most ecological packaging.


Woork, the Pujolasos contribution to make a better sustainable world

Pujolasos, faithful to sustainability and the creation of product value, has taken a huge step in that direction and now offers to the market a product that meets all expectations of success. Woork®, a 100% Organic & Compostable cap, throw it directly to the organic waste. It’s a “ready to go” innovation.


Since 1967, Pujolasos specializes in the industrial manufacture of small-format wooden caps for different markets, such as perfume and cosmetic caps, where Pujolasos has a strong presence and recognition. The development, manufacturing, decoration, lacquering and assembly are the main areas that make up the two Pujolasos plants, covering more than 18,500 square meters.Today, Pujolasos is an internationally recognized supplier for its organic packaging within the Premium area and works for multiple greatest brands in the sector.

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