“Putting Virgin Extra Olive Oil in unsuitable packaging is consenting to its degradation”


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Interview with Felipe Silvela, communications director and founder of ArteOliva

ArteOliva (Palma del Rio, Cordoba), a small producer of virgin extra olive oil and other agricultural food products, decided some time ago to package its “liquid gold” in an unusual format, tetra briks. We talked with Felipe Silvela, the company’s founder and communications director, about the preoccupations and motivations of the company, present in Spain and in several international markets, with regard to packaging.


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: ArteOliva is a clear example that shows how an SME can and should innovate in order to stand out, especially in a market as competitive as the olive oil market. What would you say are the main factors behind differentiation?

FELIPE SILVELA: It’s true that we are an innovative company in a mature market, at least in the EU, and the motive is not hard to find: the only things that can guarantee a solid future for us are innovation and the quality of our products, since, logically, we don’t have the commercial power or the possibilities of other companies you mentioned in your message. Apart from quality and innovation, there is another point of strategy that must be mentioned, which is ...MORE IN


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