Rainman, a wise man who always looks up at the sky


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Enpedra Wine Design Studio

"Rainman" is the name given to a wise person in Galician culture, great connoisseurs of the Earth and of weather phenomena, rovers of our mountains and landscapes.


José Manuel Vila


This project was born out of the ambition and years of experience of Ana Méndez, tied to the world of wine from the time of childhood through Grupo Reboreda, the family winery, who decided to undertake a personal project involving quality wines, called Genus de Vinum, that aims to gather the essence of each terroir.


The project, of which Enpedra Wine Design Studio (Lugo, Galicia) took charge, started with three wines: a Ribeiro aging on lees, a Rias Baixas also aging on lees and a third, Rainman, a Ribeira Sacra.


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