“Revuelo”: a label that evolves like the wine


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Pensando en blanco

The Revuelo project is a result of the client granting 100% freedom to create this wine brand. Quite honestly, this is one of those projects that the client has in mind and is determined to develop and launch as quickly as possible, with a low budget and zero development time.

Borja Garmendia


In this case, our response to the demands of the client, Exclusivas Soto, was quite clear: “We will create the label you need, but we require total liberty, to comply both with the demands of your brief and with the imperative necessity of obtaining a positive result from a project like this one, learning and profiting on a technical level from the process of creating this label”.


On this peculiar basis, Revuelo was born in the calm of the Teba Mountains, in the North-West region of Malaga, an area with a rich variety of flora and fauna.


Between thyme and rosemary, olive and almond trees, under the calm, quiet gaze of a contemplative bird, the image and the label develop as you sample them. 

Anecdotes, jokes and tall tales reflect the ebb and flow of the often-whimsical conversations exchanged over a glass of wine. True to its name, Revuelo (“commotion”) offers a light-hearted vision of the character of this wine.

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